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Former Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen warns that Trump could order war crimes

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN yesterday, former Maine U.S. Senator and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen warned that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s foreign policy stances include advocacy for violating the international criminal code. “I think we have to be very careful on what we are saying to the world. […]

I bet the GOP establishment wishes they had ranked choice voting right now

I made the joke/observation in the headline on Twitter this morning. I thought it was just an interesting way of bringing a local lens (Maine will be voting on a ranked-choice voting referendum this November) to the national issue of Donald Trump conquering the Republican Party. (Or should I say seizing it through eminent domain?) […]

Clinton launches Maine campaign with focus on women

At a newly-opened campaign office in Portland over the weekend, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards (speaking in a personal rather than organizational capacity) joined First-District congresswoman Chellie Pingree to make the case for why Maine Democrats should support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the March 6th presidential primary. “I am […]

Twitter account makes Maine lawmaker an unintentional poet

Maine State Representative Jeffrey Timberlake, a Republican from Turner, is perhaps best known for his conservative politics and seat on the powerful Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, but as of yesterday he may have a new claim to fame. An anonymous Twitter account titled “Timberlake Poetry” has begun publishing snippets of the legislator’s social media […]

Maine gun background check referendum supporters to submit signatures today

Maine Moms Demand Action, the organization that has been collecting signatures to place a citizen-initiated referendum on the November ballot to require criminal background checks on all gun sales in Maine, has announced that they have hit their goal and will be submitting their petitions to the office of the Secretary of State later today. […]

Gov. LePage again praises Trump, says he may challenge King for Senate

In an interview with Massachusetts-based radio host Howie Carr today, sandwiched between appearances by Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, Maine Governor Paul LePage opined on a number of issues, including the Republican presidential primary and his own political future. When asked about his presidential preferences, LePage said he was sticking with Chris Christie. “I have […]