Rep. Poliquin: Trump will win and I’ll help him implement policy

Bruce Poliquin-7-JCR.jpgMaine Second District Representative Bruce Poliquin, who is engaged in one of the most competitive House races in the country, has been extremely reticent to discuss his party’s presumptive nominee for president with the media.

A Politico reporter recently described an “uncomfortable” wait for an elevator together as Poliquin refused to answer whether he would support Trump.

In a statement he released after Trump secured the nomination, Poliquin hinted at support but refused to even say Trump’s name, referring instead to “one candidate” who he claimed “has been a major job creator.”

At a public event hosted by the conservative Informed Women’s Network on Monday, however, Poliquin was much more forthcoming. A recording of the congressman’s remarks made by an attendee includes Poliquin explaining in detail his belief that Trump will win the presidency through a campaign based on fears of societal change. Poliquin also asserted that, once he wins, Trump will look to Poliquin and his fellow House Republicans to  implement his vision for the country.

“Trump’s going to win it all,” said Poliquin in response to a question about getting ideological conservatives elected to the White House and Congress. “I’m just saying, look at this, when a democracy, especially a representative republic like America, when you have significant change because people are fearful about their families and themselves and their neighbors, we have fear about our personal safety, we have fear about our economic future. When that happens, this is what’s going to happen because of the characters involved.”

Polquin said that whether Trump is facing Bernie Sanders, “a socialist,” or Hillary Clinton, who “embodies the establishment,” voters on Election Day will say “oh I can’t stand this guy, but he’s different” and “he can’t be any worse.”

“So, he’s going to win,” Poliquin predicted.

Poliquin expressed excitement for this prospect and the idea that he and the conservative Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives could shape President Trump’s policy priorities.

“Trump is not a policy person. I don’t know what half his policies are,” said Poliquin. “He’s gonna say ‘We’re going in this direction. Poliquin, you fix this.'”

Poliquin said that Trump’s Capitol Hill meetings this week are the first step in this process of strategic and policy alignment.

“And guess where the policy’s going to come from: the House of Representatives. Not from the Senate, it’s going to come from us. That’s why these meetings are happening now. Don’t read about all the crap in the press,” Poliquin concluded.

Listen to Poliquin’s full remarks on Trump:

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