Saco State Senate candidates launch dueling web videos

By my reading of the Maine Constitution, primary elections are not technically decided based on which candidate puts up the best video on Facebook.

That’s good news for Rep. Barry Hobbins, because this one is far from compelling (unless he was trying to make some kind of hilarious techno-retro artistic statement, in which case he nailed it):


Hobbins is a longtime Saco legislator who is seeking to return to the State Senate following the retirement of District 31 Democratic State Senator Linda Valentino. He is facing off against 24-year-old fellow representative Justin Chenette, also of Saco, who has both the endorsement of Senator Valentino and apparently a somewhat more capable web video team:


The primary election is on June 14th. I look forward to more online offerings from both candidates before then, and I hope they eventually discuss some of the issue stances that divide them, rather than just an argument over “experience” vs. “fresh ideas.”

Mike Tipping

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