Gov. LePage again praises Trump, says he may challenge King for Senate

LePage and Carr in-studio in Augusta, from Carr's Twitter account

LePage and Carr in-studio last August, via Carr’s Twitter account

In an interview with Massachusetts-based radio host Howie Carr today, sandwiched between appearances by Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, Maine Governor Paul LePage opined on a number of issues, including the Republican presidential primary and his own political future.

When asked about his presidential preferences, LePage said he was sticking with Chris Christie.

“I have to be loyal to my guy, because if it wasn’t for my guy I wouldn’t be here,” said LePage, referencing Christie’s support for LePage’s re-election while the New Jersey Governor was head of the Republican Governors Association.

“I understand that,” said Carr in response. “You needed money, you were up against well-financed opposition, and he gave you a ton of money.”

LePage also had some favorable words for the previous guest (and Carr’s pick for president), Donald Trump.

“I do agree that he’s pushing in the right direction. I think he’s saying the right things,” said LePage, while cautioning that he sees some problems with Trump.

“He does say one thing about illegals, you know, we send them all back home.
How you going to catch em? How you going to get ’em all?” said LePage, referring to human beings as if they were Pokemon.

LePage also said he was considering challenging Maine Senator Angus King in 2018.

“Frankly, Ann and I, if we do anything it’s probably going to be the senate, we’re going to challenge Angus, and we are thinking about it very very seriously and looking at it very seriously,” said LePage.

This is the third time that LePage has mentioned the possibility of mounting a challenge to King while on Carr’s show, but this is by far the most concrete language he has used on the subject.

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