Former MHPC staffer has social media meltdown

Steve Robinson – from MHPC website

Steve Robinson, a newly-hired producer for the Boston-based Howie Carr radio show and former policy analyst for the Maine Heritage Policy Center (perhaps best known as the author of their blog, The Maine Wire) made a series of strange, angry and at times incomprehensible posts to social media last night, directed mostly at Maine’s media and individuals with whom he disagrees politically, me in particular.

The ranting began on Facebook, where Robinson posted a link to a Bangor Daily News article describing his “combative tone” and “controversial techniques, such as secret recordings.”

“You’re godamnright!” wrote Robinson alongside the link, which notes that new MHPC head Matt Gagnon will be attempting to move away from Robinson’s abrasive style of politics.

Two hours later, Robinson also posted the link to Twitter, writing to reporter Mario Moretto with (perhaps sarcastic?) praise for his description of Robinson’s work:

This kicked off a series of more than a dozen tweets by Robinson leveling personal insults against members of the media and activists with whom he disagrees, repeatedly calling them “losers,” “morons” and “wackos.”

At one point, he accused BDN editor Tony Ronzio of being a “commie” and having “spurned” him when he asked to write a blog for the paper.

On a more positive note, he did call my book “dynamite.” I’m sad it’s too late to use that as a blurb on the back cover.

Robinson’s social media style has often involved insults, mockery and trolling, but not to the strange level on display last night. He did not respond to questions from other twitter users during his ranting asking if he was inebriated or otherwise impaired.

Robinson previously wrote a column for the Portland Press Herald, but was removed from that post after it came to light that he had secretly taped a private telephone conversation between immigrant rights organizations (including the Maine People’s Alliance, for which I work) and had then lied to the media about the provenance of the recording, claiming it had come from an anonymous source. Lawyers with knowledge of Maine’s wiretapping statute say Robinson likely committed a felony in that case and the incident is under investigation by the office of Maine’s Attorney General.

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