The Circle of Secrecy Widens

Senate President Kevin Raye (left) and Speaker of the House Robert Nutting – Joe Phelan | AP

As Tom Clancy notes in his seminal work, The Hunt for Red October, “the likelihood of a secret’s being blown is proportional to the square of the number of people who are in on it.”

If that dictum holds, we may soon know more about Governor Paul LePage’s secret plan for a special session. Don Carrigan at WCSH reported last night that “Republican leaders received some information during the day Thursday” on LePage’s plan. Democratic leaders have not yet been briefed.

On a related note, one place that isn’t revealing any information about the plans is the Attorney General’s office. Despite LePage’s statement that his staff has been consulting with the AG on the issue, they responded to Freedom of Access Act requests from both the Associated Press and Dirigo Blue by stating that they had no relevant documents.

This means that either they haven’t been consulted or they have and haven’t written anything down, perhaps in an attempt to avoid having to turn over documents under the Act.

Mike Tipping

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